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Life care planning Clearwater

Many seniors do not realize the importance of establishing life care planning. With the guidance of our experienced law firm, you’ll receive guidance and advice tailored to meet your specific needs. We can help you develop life care plans that meet your needs for the future!

At The Parri Law Firm, we are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of elder law, estate planning, and life care planning in Clearwater. We get to know each one of our clients and their unique situations. Throughout the course of life care planning, our goal is to keep you or your loved one out of a nursing home if at all possible, but to make sure that you are prepared for the possibility that you will need nursing home care or long-term care in the future. Life care planning can help protect your assets and your family home while still qualifying for Medicaid, Veterans Administration Aid & Attendance, and other benefits to which you may be entitled.

 Who Needs Life Care Planning?

By helping your loved one create a life care plan, you never have to wonder if you’re doing everything you can for your aging parent. The Parri Law Firm has years of experience guiding families through situations similar the one you are currently facing. We have access to the resources you need to protect your loved one and improve their quality of life.

If you have an elderly loved one and think you may need home care, your family is a candidate for life care planning in Clearwater or Tampa Bay area, whether you have an immediate need or you are planning for the future, your loved one can benefit from having a life care plan. With our many years of experience, Florida residents trust us to handle their life care planning needs. We are extremely well-versed in the legal issues that surround these types of cases.

If you would like the guidance of an Clearwater elder law attorney who has dealt with these issues personally and has helped many Florida families successfully plan for Florida's nursing home Medicaid, please call today. (727) 586-4224

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